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Bubblelicious was founded by two Milwaukee girls who were brought together by their mutual love of all types of cuisine, but especially authentic Asian food. Like most Asians living in the Midwest, we were constantly craving delicious bubble tea. Although there were bubble tea shops around the area, we couldn’t find anything close to what we had in Asia.

During one of our dinner dates in 2016, we decided to try making homemade bubble tea. We had tons of fun playing around with different recipes, and before we knew it, we were waking up at the crack of dawn to haul our bubble tea to the Waukesha farmers’ market. Some of our first customers were fellow bubble tea-lovers, while others had never even heard of the word “boba”. Whether it was curiosity or love for our recipe, people at the market kept coming back.

Inspired by our customers, we got to work making our own unique flavors. We tried many different types of tea leaves, sweeteners, and tapioca pearls to meet our standards of the perfect bubble tea.

After a year of hard work, we developed a fun, diverse menu that we were proud to call ours. Although we didn’t have experience running a business, we brought our bubble tea to a new shop in Southridge Mall. A few years later, we were so excited to open our second location at Mayfair Mall and share our drinks with new customers.

As we continue to grow in the metropolitan Milwaukee area and invent new flavors, our favorite part continues to be connecting with people and serving them great drinks.

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